What is the common treatment offered for ADD/ADHD???

Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder-Are We Over-Medicating Our Children?
September 26,2002

"The most common treatment for this disorder is a drug called Ritalin. This drug is being given to more and more people in this country. It has become very controversial. There has been a 500 percent increase in the use of Ritalin in the United States since 1990. "

Ritalin ?

Concerta ?

Adderall ?

Strattera ?

Metadate ?

Wellbutrin ?

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Were you told .
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Were you told that these Drugs will NOT CURE ADD/ADHD?
Are there underlying physical conditions that can cause the symptoms of "ADD/ADHD" ???
  1. Allergies or Asthma ???
  2. Infection (Ear, Nose, Throat, ) ???
  3. Poor Nutrition (Lots of Sweets or Carbohydrates) ???
  4. A Challenging Birth (c-section, forceps, suction, long labor, respiratory problems, .) ???

U.S. Congressional Hearing on ADD/ADHD

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Does the Use of Ritalin lead to Future Drug Abuse?
Ritalin as you know is classified as a Schedule II stimulant under the Federal Controlled Substances Act. In order for a drug to be classified as a Schedule II it must meet three criteria:
(1) have a high potential for abuse,
(2) have a currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States, and
(3) show that abuse may lead to severe psychological or physical dependence. Some of the things we've heard about Ritalin cause me to have some concerns. I'd like to hear from

Ritalin is Among the Drugs Increasingly Prescribed to Toddlers
Even more disturbing than the prescribing of Ritalin to school age children, is a trend to prescribe this medication to preschoolers. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2000 offered some key insights into this dangerous new trend. Fifty-seven percent of 223 Michigan Medicaid enrollees younger than four years of age…

Does your son or daughter have a history of .

Statement of the Honorable Dan Burton Attention

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